Thirty Years’ War Archeology Picture

This one’s from an excellent exhibition about life during the Thirty Years’ War. What a suffering that must have been. The creasing in the enamel is caused by underfeeding and other horrible things.

London Free Runner

These free runners guys hang out around London Southbank – lots of needed urban concrete there.

From Gipsy Hill to Soho

Prepared and ready. Where’s the bloody train? Gipsy Hill is located in south east of London. Photo taken 2010.

Skiing in the Mist

I love skiing and I grew up in Munich where the closest skiing slopes are 30 mins away. Hence I spent some time on these boards. This pictures was taken 2010 in the Bavarian Alps, when there was quite some mist when getting to lower regions.

Bavarian Restaurant

That one was taken in Regensburg, Germany. It is indeed a rather lovely place – located at the river Danube.

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