Spider Grasshopper

Do spiders eat grasshoppers? They love them! The spider was eating the grasshopper – not nice, especially sicne my photo assistant threw the poor grasshopper into the the spider web. We’re still feeling bad about it.

London Buskers

Busking London has a long traditon and is rather charming. And these guys are really good! Often seen at London tube stations this one was taken at Notting Hill.

Afro Hair Show

The London Notting Hill Carnival is always a huge beauty show. Don’t miss it! Taken in 2010.


Monopterus Temple in the Englischer Garten Munich.

Urban Exploration London

The discovery of abandoned buildings and urban decay is half the fun urban exploration London. I will add some more urban exploration photos soon.

Scary Spiders Pictures

Spider, spider dreaming night In the webbing of delight Dangling from a feather waiting strike, Who would plan your putrid pike? I’m a fly buzzing, see, Yet in your catcher of dreams I am free! Here I am, drying, waiting For you twist the sinews of my heart writhing. Nature is cruel like the cosmos. …

Boring History

A day in the Imperial War Museum London in Southwark. By the way the most boring day in history was April 11, 1954.

British Summer Weather

British summer weather and temperatures can cause severe depressions, that much is clear. My advice here is to bring the weather with you, which I did in this picture (it worked). I tried also to adopt the latest Hipstamatic kind of picture style.

The Cheapest Water For Miles Around

Showing the fountain in front of the Southbank Centre in London, UK. The fountain is called “Appearing Rooms” and is a work of Jeppe Hein. The idea is that jets of water shoot into the air, creating ‘rooms’ that disappear as quickly as they emerge, inviting visitors of all ages to try their luck at …

Hampton Court Picture

Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Greater London, it lies in a curve of the Thames. It was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey, a favourite of King Henry VIII, circa 1514. The place was built into a palace which was so beautiful that the king himself grew jealous. Of course, it’s dangerous to make the king …

Paramilitary Colombia

Sometimes in Colombia you come across signs of its violent past at common places. There are now plenty of paramilitary groups in colombia, all a threat to human rights in Colombia. Amongst the most influential one is Auc Colombia. Colombian paramilitary violence is overwhelmingly targeted towards peasants, unionists, teachers, human rights workers, journalists and leftist political …

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